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Completing Legacy State Of Decay 2. All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews. The sheriff legacy goal is all about protecting your map from invaders.

State of Decay 2 What Are Legacy Boons? Goblins & Ghouls from

Emobanger69 4 years ago #8. Completing the last part of the legacy questline will result in you seeing the credits and state of decay 2 officially. They follow four branching paths, depending on the leader type that you select over the course of the.

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The biggest addition in this update is the ability to keep. You will know you have. Return to the community, and select yes to begin the legacy goal mission.

Completing The Last Part Of The Legacy Questline Will Result In You Seeing The Credits And State Of Decay 2 Officially.

You must complete them to beat the game. All the random events where red talon or network agents are dead on your arrival, then you have all these notes and suddenly you’re in for a showdown with an enclave of 7/8/9 rogue agents. Legacy missions are your endgame missions in state of decay 2.

State Of Decay 2 Is Receiving Its 30Th Major Update And It Brings Many Fan Requested Features.

So i’m on the final mission of state if decay 2 but while driving to the location i got a message saying “once you complete this. Legacies are bonuses that are obtained after completing the game with a specific kind of leader. Mobilization legacy boon allows you to have a massive pile of ammo, grenades, and guns when you build your first base.

Each One Has A Different Bonus, And There Are Some That Will Appeal To Other.

This state of decay 2 legacy boon guide will explain the basics of the legacy rewards system including details surrounding each of the legacy boon’s you receive when. When you've finished games and collected them based on completing the four different legacy paths, will grant you special rewards for new game. I give you guys and gals some info on what happens when you complete a legacy.

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They follow four branching paths, depending on the leader type that you select over the course of the. There are two legacy missions which appear for all 4 legacy arc… see more Things to do after beating state of decay 2.