Establish A Legacy State Of Decay 2

Establish A Legacy State Of Decay 2. Each one has a different bonus, and there are some that will appeal to other. Talk to one of your group for the details.

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Each one has a different bonus, and there are some that will appeal to other. In fact legacy goals only. Unlike legacy goals, legacy missions only appear after you destroyed every plague heart on your map and.

These Missions Are Not Equal With The Legacy Missions You Get After Wiping Out The Blood Plague.

They follow four branching paths, depending on the leader type that you select over the course of the. Don't warn me again for state of decay 2. Mobilization legacy boon allows you to have a massive pile of ammo, grenades, and guns when you build your first base.

In Fact Legacy Goals Only.

Talk to one of your group for the details. Once you chose a leader, the. #stateofdecay2#sod2#endlegacyprepthis is how i end of a legacy and while preparing for my next legacy (who to prep , who not to, what weapons/mods to take,.

We Are Aware That There Is The Occasional Problem With People Being Able To Start Their Legacy Missions After Defeating The Last Plague Heart On The Map.

Ok so to clear a few thing's up, theres 4 different leader types, after you make someone a hero, set them as the leader, and complete their legacy, the game ends,. Content posted in this community. Be sure to check out our other state of decay 2 guides for more coverage on the game.once you have selected a leader, you will find that there are 4

When You 'Clean' The Area Around The House, Go To The Place Marked With A Small Flag And Select The 'Claim Home Site' Option.

The missions should pop up once all the plague hearts are gone. 4 types of leaders are there. You should be able to stock back up and immediately head out.

A Deadly Band Of Killers Are Moving In, And They’re Targeting Every Enclave In The Area.

How long has it been stuck there? *this list is a work in progress* establish a home and explore the region promote a community member to leader clear your town of plague. This state of decay 2 legacy boon guide will explain the basics of the legacy rewards system including details surrounding each of the legacy boon’s you receive when.