Heart Of Darkness Part 2 Summary

Heart Of Darkness Part 2 Summary. The narrator describes a night spent on a ship in the mouth of the thames river in england. There is no specific heart of darkness year;

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The two men conspire, but marlow does not. The manager complains that kurtz has come to the congo. The director of companies, who is also the captain and host, the lawyer, the accountant, marlow, and the unnamed narrator.

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Marlow travels to the unnamed european city where the company has its headquarters. Part 1, part 2, and part 3. Heart of darkness part 2 summary marlow’s overhearing of the conversation between the manager and his uncle through the beginning of his voyage up the river.

While Lying On The Deck Of His Steamboat One Evening, Marlow Overhears A Conversation Between The Manager And His Uncle, Leader Of The Expedition Group That Has Arrived.

The five men, old friends held together by “the bond. There are three chapters in the novel heart of darkness: One evening, as marlow lies on the deck of his wrecked steamer, the manager and his uncle appear within earshot and discuss kurtz.

Marlow Begins Telling The Three Men About A Time He Journeyed In A Steamboat Up The Congo River.

The narrator describes a night spent on a ship in the mouth of the thames river in england. Part two begins with marlow laying on the deck of his steamboat. At sundown, a pleasure ship called the nellie lies anchored at the mouth of the thames, waiting for the tide to go out.

The Two Men Conspire, But Marlow Does Not.

He continues to send a vast quantity of ivory to the company even though he has taken ill. The manager and his uncle are unhappy with kurtz, because he's too influential with company heads and they think he's stealing ivory. This “heart of darkness” short summary.

About Eight Miles (20 Kilometers) From Marlow 'S Destination At The Inner Station, The Manager Wants To Stop Moving Until Morning.

The first section recounts marlow's appointment as a steamboat operator for a company that. One evening, marlow overhears the uncle and nephew talking about kurtz, who has rejected the company’s recent communications and remained far up the river; Kurtz is sending more prime ivory to the company than any other agent, which.