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How Many Pages In The Quran. Although 604 pages appear significant, it becomes more manageable when broken down, as seen below. The modern print of qur'an consists of:

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Inilah how many pages is the quran in english.the quran is kept in arabic. The surahs of the qur’an are also called chapters and the length of these surahs is from pages to words and consists of verses. Depending upon lines per page and font size.

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The quran is divided into 30 parts and has 114 chaptersthe number of pages depends on your translation. Most of copies, if not all of them have 604 pages. A mus’haf will take you 604 days to complete if you read a page of the qur’an every day for a.

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Surah al baqarah has 286 verses,. So 15 times 602 is 9,030. 604 pages a6 size 15 lines each font size between 18 & 20 the 600 pages are divided into 30 sections each section, called a juzu’, consists of 20 page each.

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The modern print of qur'an consists of: Chapters of varying lengths, it has 114 surahs, classified as meccan or medinan, depending on whether the verses were revealed before or after the. The total number of chapters, verses, words and characters.

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Quran as when revealed is devided in. And there are 604 pages in this mushaf but the first two pages, surah fatihah and the first page of surah baqarah, are different so we won't count them. There are 7 manzils 30 episodes paray 114 verses sura 540 or 558 ruku6666 ayats sentence.

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Content of every copy of qur’an is exactly the same to the single letter, but i can not claim that there are no differences in page breaks. Thus, the quran has 604 pages and we can finish reading it just in 30 days. This surah consists of 286 verses.