Thas Dorah Legacy Of The Windrunners

Thas Dorah Legacy Of The Windrunners. You do find her bow, thas'dorah, legacy of the windrunners, implying that she was here at one point and escaped. Windrunning thas'dorah creates an aura of fast moving wind around its owner, gradually increasing movement speed of any party members within 8 yards.

Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners NPC World of Warcraft from

Hunters will chase after thas’dorah, legacy of the windrunners, an ornate bow, as well as follow on the trail of alleria windrunner. Thas'dorah was the bow of alleria windrunner, retrieved from the sunwell, said to radiate power. in thalassian, thas'dorah translated to valor of the forest. alleria would have taken thas'dorah with her to draenor during the second war, and it disappeared with her when the. Wowhead has given their transmogrification recommendations for this artifact on the order hall rundown page.

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