The Death Of Jane Lawrence Ending Spoiler

The Death Of Jane Lawrence Ending Spoiler. It also involves love and sacrifice, two people with the potential to find happiness if given a real chance. While i loved the story, i felt like i needed to go back and reread sections to gain a better understanding of the ending.

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There are some major creep vibes and body horror here. I thought the ending was fabulous and really played upon the tradition take of gothic horror, which is a tragedy, and turned that on its head. After careful research into suitable candidates, she makes this unorthodox “proposal” to bachelor dr.

The Death Of Jane Lawrence Whole Book Discussion.

A young woman who believes that marriage should be practical and therefore sets upon finding her ideal match, and asking for a business arrangement of sorts. It involves magic and a haunted house; Her and augustine’d deaths both felt weird and shoehorned in.

Practical Jane Shoringfield Has Decided That She Needs A Husband.

Just finished this book last night. While dense prose and a cumbersome magic system weigh down the mystery surrounding lindridge hall, there are enough redeeming qualities to beckon you into its halls. But above all, it is the story of a doomed marriage.

The Horror Elements Are Excellent.

What i didn’t expect was the phenomenal romance that blossomed from almost the first. With a gothic manor, mysterious husband, and supernatural twist, “the death of jane lawrence” was a book with so much potential. Jane shoringfield picked out dr augustine lawrence for a marriage of convenience that was more like a business arrangement that suited the both of.

The Story Is Truly In The Gothic / Horror Theme.

The death of jane lawrence by caitlin starling is a gothic horror novel about a marriage between a logical accountant and a charming young doctor, set in his crumbling and creaky manor with its ghosts in the walls. Jane is a brilliant, independent person who manages to hold a patient’s insides open during a surgery on her very first visit to her husband’s office without fainting, crying, or puking. The last fourth of the book felt a bit of a mind fuck, but the author is very skilled in brining the themes together.

Her First Choice, The Dashing But Reclusive Doctor Augustine Lawrence, Agrees To Her Proposal With Only One.

The death of jane lawrence, a horror/gothic novel, was a solid 4 star read. The ending in its entirety was all kinds of surreal and it cleared up only a little when i discussed it with other readers and went back in the text to do research. This book is awesome for like ¾ of it and then it gets weird.

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