Which Outsiders Character Are You

Which Outsiders Character Are You. Approved and edited by buzzfeed community team. You see the best of both worlds, and the worst.

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Even though there are others, these are the ones that most people connect with the most. Because my family and friends were pronounced as greasers. Each one is special in their own way.

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It has an amazing storyline with wonderful characters that are unique, and you can relate to them. There are many characters in the book the outsiders which range from a scared hurt boy turned hero like johnny cade or a strong seemingly unbreakable person like dallas winston, this quiz will give. Things are rough all over.

Each One Is Special In Their Own Way.

This is a quiz to find out which outsiders character you are most like. A lot of people love the movie, and also love the book. Just because i am one.

I Think I Am A Greaser.

Which line from the outsiders do you like best? You see the best of both worlds, and the worst. You're ponyboy, smart, quiet, forgetful at times.

Even Though There Are Others, These Are The Ones That Most People Connect With The Most.

Approved and edited by buzzfeed community team. In this quiz, according to your personality, you will get. Hey, buddy, you have to wear pants to work.

I Think I Am A Soc.

You are a hard worker who is constantly looking for ways to better yourself. Well, this quiz is for you then! Not going to die because of killing them, but i'll scare them badly, so they're not bothering us anymore!